“Your ads have given me an edge over my competition
that has generated at least $250k in extra revenue for me
in the last 12 months.”

FINN PEACOCK, Peacock Media Group

There are rare instances in any business where you rely on just one person
to do a job. 
Laura is that rarity.

We’ve been hiring Laura to design image ads for my agency for over 5 years.
Why? Because she consistently nails the brief… every single time.

Laura is that rare breed of designer that understands the need to test, and how to create gorgeous ads for those tests. Our ‘brief’ to Laura is typically a 2 line email with the client’s website, a note on what we’re testing & the list of sizes we need.

She does everything else. From finding appropriate images, to tidying up the client’s logo. And she delivers great looking creative time after time. Ready to drop into a split test. Perfect.

There are a lot of ‘graphic designers’ available to hire. But if you understand testing & you want to do it right first time – then you’re in the right place. Laura is also the only designer I recommended in my ‘Display Network Bootcamp’ that I ran with Perry Marshall. She’s that good.
Hire her while you can.

MIKE RHODES, WebSavvy.com.au

I love text ads just as much as the next guy, because they’re so easy.
But banners allow you to play a whole new game.

With Laura Husmann’s image ads, I cut my cost per click by 60% and tripled my traffic at the same time. She does beautiful work and will help you test your way to greater success.


VERY happy.

Thanks Laura. Once again – you are good.

NAUDE MILLER, Stay Today, Namibia


Great work Laura !!!

The banners look awesome! I’ve really appreciated your patience on my project. Professionalism is always welcomed. I’m 100% satisfied!


Wow Laura, I was frustrated and worried about how I would ever get the right graphics to communicate my message – but you ACED it! So wonderful to see how you “got” what I was trying to say (but had no creative ability to do myself).



Contact Laura today.